Noun was made to be a place where people of all backgrounds can safely express themselves and interact with each other in a meaningful way. To ensure Noun is a safe space and provides an experience that helps foster long-term relationships, we created these community guidelines that are simple to read for all of our users. We strictly enforce these guidelines and may remove your content or account and pursue further action if necessary.


No Harassment or Bullying. Making hateful comments towards someone in an attempt to demean or discourage is not allowed.

No promoting terrorism or hate speech. Promoting any kind of hate speech towards a protected group or identity is not allowed. Extreme political ideation is not allowed on Noun.

No "doxxing" or posting sensitive media of another person - Intentionally sharing sensitive media or information about another person (e.g. phone number, address, photo) without their consent is not allowed.

No threatening anyone's well being. Threatening another user’s life or immediate physical, emotional, or technical wellbeing with actions such as swatting, hacking, or DDOSing is not allowed.

No discrimination of sex, gender, race, religion, or disability - Noun was created for everyone, regardless of their identity. Any discrimination or insults directed towards these groups is strictly prohibited. However, communities only accepting a subcategory of these groups (e.g. women only) are allowed on Noun.

Sensitive Content

No NSFW content. Any content sexual in nature or intended to arouse, including text, is not allowed on Noun.

No Gore/Shocking content. Sharing content or links to content intended to shock a person or cause harm (e.g. severe bodily mutilation) is not allowed on Noun.

No content that violates copyright laws - Please refrain from sharing content that you are not authorized to share (e.g. Pirated movies, music, software). Links to download unauthorized copyrighted media are not allowed.

No encouragement of self-harm or Suicide. Encouraging, coercing, or glamorizing self-harm or posting media that may trigger or encourage it is not allowed on Noun. This includes but is not limited to encouraging physical harm such as cutting or burning oneself, as well as eating disorders and emotional harm. Encouraging suicide by any means or encouraging participation in dangerous activities is not allowed on Noun.


No impersonation. Be yourself! Impersonating any other member is not allowed on Noun. Impersonating being a staff member or moderator is also not allowed.

No users under 13. Noun is only meant to be used by users over the age of thirteen. Anyone under this age is not allowed to use Noun or its services.

No abusing the Report system. We value safety and manually review every report that is sent in. Sending multiple fraudulent reports to our community team is not allowed and may lead to action taken on your account. No Ban circumvention. Circumventing a community ban or a service-wide ban is not allowed.

No spam. Please help keep chat nice and tidy. Sending multiple unnecessary messages repeatedly can be annoying, however sending large walls of text intended to cause harm to a community is not allowed.

No hacking. Promotion or encouragement of gaining unauthorized access to any system or account is not allowed, nor is sharing login credentials that have been obtained through means such as data leaks.

No promotion or participating in illegal actions. It is strictly prohibited to promote or participate in any illicit activities. We will work with law enforcement to enforce this.