Noun for iOS launched!
Noun for iOS launched!
Welcome to Noun
Imagine, you're excited about moving into your new house and new town.
But you realize, you don’t have anyone to ask questions to-
Where is the best bakery?
What day is garbage pickup on my street?
Where can I get the best late-night pizza?
Where can I find a great mechanic?
What day does school start?
Where will that great taco food truck be this afternoon?
What is the best way to avoid traffic downtown?
You don’t want to fumble around with a Google search and scroll through pages of irrelevant articles and paid ads.
A Facebook search is of no help at all, where you scroll through dozens of paid ads as Facebook captures your data for their use.
And, you don’t want a two-year-old Yelp post or to sift through paid Angie’s List patrons.
You want current answers from people in your area - a simple post from your neighbors telling you what they do and what they recommend.
Welcome to Noun.
Noun is the multi-purpose social media and messaging super app. Noun is location-based and connects you with all the important things and people in your world - especially locally.
With Noun, you define your community. Highlight your area on the Noun app, and Noun connects with that community of businesses and people. Instantly.
You can reach out to anyone or everyone in your area with questions or comments - and can do so publicly, privately, or even anonymously.
You can also help others and post answers to their questions.
You have instant access to local knowledge - and a local audience to help you all the time and anytime. You can use Noun from home or when you're on the go. As you and others travel in that area, Noun will be constantly updating your feed with local content, posts and messages from people and businesses in your area. And if you want to securely direct message anyone, anywhere in the world, you can do so right from Noun.
You can be local anywhere on the globe. Noun is a location-based app that allows you to talk to the local audience wherever you go. Your feed is updated based on your location and your area. No more searching for local information and people - they come to you on your feed.
With Noun, you're a member and not the product. Unlike Facebook, WhatsApp, Yelp, and others - Noun does not gather, harvest, mine, sell, rent, or monetize your personal data. You can even create “invisible posts” that keep your profile hidden. Private. Secure. Confidential.
Be part of our community.
Download Noun from the App Store and see what all the excitement is about.