About Noun
At Noun, our vision is to give users a single multi-purpose social media and messaging super app. Imagine the simplicity of being able to connect to all your friends and community in one simple app. Hyper-local content and connections in a super app that works worldwide.
Our Product
Noun is an iOS app that connects you to people and businesses in your area based on the size of the audience you want. Highlight an area on the map and as you and others travel in that area Noun will be constantly updating your feed with local content, posts and messages. As you travel, you will be able to discover others and their posts and they will discover you and your posts. You can do this from your home or when you are on the go.
At Noun, you can securely direct message with anyone in the world with end-to-end encryption. And when posting in your area, Noun allows you to post publicly, privately, and even anonymously. For your safety and awareness, Noun will even tell you if a post is coming from a different area.
The idea for Noun began when founder Mark Habashi was attending UCLA in the computer science program. He became frustrated at how fragmented social media apps were for local connections. While in school, he created a web app that allowed users to post items for sale, wanted items, job searches and other items on a map. Mark shared it with a few friends and within a week found that it was being used and shared across multiple states outside of California.
Mark began to design and develop other products for companies and stopped working on the app. While traveling abroad, Mark noticed all-in-one mobile social media apps didn’t exist in the United States that would provide value to travelers and locals worldwide.
With a renewed focus, Mark was intent on creating a single multi-purpose social media and messaging super app that would provide location-based content and interactions. After years of hard work - Noun was launched in 2021.